EventDB still available?

(Tweak19) #1

Hi there,
im currently update my icinga2 installation. And so i wanna realize my snmp-traps with the eventdb instead of the passive listening.

But i got stuck, i searching since minutes but didn’t find how to install or configure the eventdb? So please give me an short information how to do that.


(Michael Friedrich) #2

EventDB has been deprecated a while ago, I wouldn’t recommend its usage.

(Tweak19) #3

hi michi,
thanks for your quick answer, do you have instead any personal preferences how to do snmp-traps and icinga2 on the best way ?

(Michael Friedrich) #4

I don’t do much with SNMP traps these days, I would either use plain simple snmptt, or look into a variant with logstash/elasticsearch. Haven’t tried the latter though.

(Tweak19) #5

i think i will use again snmptt with eventhandler and passive listening, it worked for a couple of time without troubles.

Only one last question, ist there any possibility to modify hosts trough the webinterface? Or to add new hosts?

(Michael Friedrich) #6

Look into the Icinga Director, but test it first on a VM (e.g. the Vagrant boxes on github.com/icinga/icinga-vagrant). It may or may not fit your needs.