Empty-state not available

Hi, i just paste the Github issue i opened (i hope its okay):

Issue and Steps to Reproduce

It seems, that the empty-state function has been removed from the check_file command.
Even in the help section there is no empty-state syntax defined.

The error i got:

Invalid command line: unrecognised option ‘ath=XXXXXX "empty-state=OK’
help Show help screen (this screen)
help-pb Show help screen as a protocol buffer payload
show-default Show default values for a given command
help-short Show help screen (short format).
syntax= Syntax for individual items (detail-syntax).
master-syntax= Syntax for top syntax (top-syntax).
path= The file or path to check
pattern= Deprecated and ignored
alias= Deprecated and ignored
debug Debug
max-dir-depth= The maximum level to recurse
filter= The filter to use when including files in the check
warn= Deprecated and ignored
crit= Deprecated and ignored
MaxWarn= Maximum value before a warning is returned.
MaxCrit= Maximum value before a critical is returned.
MinWarn= Minimum value before a warning is returned.
MinCrit= Minimum value before a critical is returned.

CheckFiles “filter=written < -72h” “syntax=%filename% older than 3 days!” “path=C:\Users…<file>” “empty-state=ok” “MaxCrit=1”

Expected Behavior

I wanted to set the exit 3 state to ok, so that the nagios throw a “ok” instead of a “unknown”

Actual Behavior

I got a error, if i work with the “empty-state=ok” option


  • NSClient++ version: 0.5.2
  • OS and Version: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
  • Checking from: Nagios
  • Checking with: check_nrpe

Additional Details

NSClient++ log:

info:c:\source\master\checkexternalscripts\alias.hpp:133: Failed to parse arguments for command using old split string method: unknown escape sequence: CheckFiles "filter…

i´ve got the same problem.

Have you found a solution?

try to use foreward slashes instead of backslashes, that might be the error that is logged there.