DotNet Memory Management _Global_ despite of disabled service

(michaelh) #1

Good Morning,

since upgrading to check_mk 1.5.0pr raw we get from one MS Srv 2016 Printserver very much messages like:

Host: druckserver
Alias: druckserver
Service: DotNet Memory Management Global
Command: check_mk-dotnet_clrmemory
Output: WARN - 13.76% time in GC (warn/crit at 10.0/15.0)
Perfdata: percent=13.763466;10;15;0;100

I thought ‘selbst ist der Mann’ and disabled that specific service with wato. But the messages will still come. It seams the disabled service is not realy disabled?

best regards

(Marko Stracke) #2

Good moorning,

do you have rediscover this host?

Will this service shown at the Host Overview?

Greets firehome

(michaelh) #3

Hello, I deleted the host and configured it new. This Service is now shown under disabled services.

(michaelh) #4

my error - the check was also active at a 2nd printer-site in check_mk.

(Marko Stracke) #5

Oh sorry i’ll busy Yesterday.