Display a custom graph in fullscreen

(Kai) #1

Hello everyone,

I created a custom graph in Check_MK and an automation user so I can use the link to that graph inside PowerPoint LiveWeb. The final goal is to display this graph on a terminal screen at our company.

The problem is that the graph only takes 1/4 of the screen space, it sits in the upper left corner. But I need the graph to be fullscreen. When opening the website manually, I can drag the graph using the mouse but the terminal screen obviously receives no manual interaction.

Unfortunately I found no setting in Check_MK to display this certain graph in fullscreen or at least bigger than 1/4 of the screen. Any ideas?

(Philipp Näther) #2

Create a new dashboard. Add the custom graph as dashlet to your new dashboard. Adjust the size of the dashlet. Use the link to the dashboard (without sidebar) instead if the link to the custom graph.

(Kai) #3

Thanks alot! Creating a dashboard instead of fiddling around with custom views was totally out of my mind. Works perfect!