DiskSpace needed for Elastic/Kibana

(Fabian) #1

Hi Community!

I just set up a new master for our icinga2-cluster and installed elastic and kibana on it.

Can someone tell me how much disk space the logs of them will need?
Like they are continously obtaining data from the icinga2 API and the master is just a virtual machine with 30GB disk space.



“I have a car with a gas tank containing 50 litres of petrol. Can anyone tell me how far I can go?”

Without at least some parameters/information noone will even try a guess.

(Fabian) #3

Well what I am kinda new to elasticsearch & co.
What Data do you need?

We got about 600 Hosts and 2000 Services.
I am using icingabeat and elasticsearch feature from icinga2 to gather data.
What else could help you?