Discovery failure 'Found '%s' in service description'

Hi all,

I am using check_mk agent on some windows machines. After Upgrading to agent version 1.4.0p22 some new services have been discovered on ‘Skype for Business’ servers. This works well except for the edge server. On this server discovery always fails with the following:

WARN - Discovery failed: Exception in check plugin ‘skype.data_proxy’: Found ‘%s’ in service description (Host: xxx, Check type: skype.data_proxy, Item: None). Please try to rediscover the service to fix this issue.

Does anybody know how to fix this, or is there a way of telling check_mk to not discover the service.



Go to the WATO rule “monitoring configuration -> disabled checks” and select all skype checks in the list. Add your affected host as explicit host and save the rule. Do a rescan and new inventory of the host (the skype checks should not be present anymore) and activate the changes. After that, delete the WATO rule where you disabled the checks and run an inventory once again for that host. The services should be added correctly at this point.

This works well untill I remove the WATO rule. As soon as I delete the rule the error is back. I tried it two times. The first time I only disabled skype.data_proxy, the second time I disabled all skype checks.
Nervertheless I had not been aware that the WATO rule also prevents the discovery error. So now I have a workaround for that specific service.



But I am still wondering why the service does not work. Could you provide me a # cmk -d HOST of one working host and one not working host please? I am sure there is a way to fix this :slight_smile:

I got it resolved, and it had nothing to do with check_mk :smiley:

After pulling the cmk -d for the hosts I saw the following on the output of the Skype Frontend:

. Jan 12 08:36:08 17402.41025 LS_Data_MCU Die Verbindung mit dem Webkonferenz-Edgeserver wurde erfolgreich hergestellt. FQDN des Edgeservercomputers: xxxxx, Port: 8057

C Jan 12 08:36:08 50170.41026 LS_Data_MCU Es besteht keine Verbindung mit keinem Webkonferenz-Edgeserver. Externe Skype for Business-Clients können die Webkonferenzmodalität nicht verwenden. Ursache: Möglicherweise ist der Dienst nicht verfügbar, oder die Netzwerkverbindung wurde unterbrochen. Lösung: Stellen Sie sicher, dass alle Webkonferenz-Edgedienste in der Topologie ausgeführt werden und die Netzwerkverbindung verfügbar ist.

This is a known issue which came after a .NET framework update in May 2017:

It is fixed with “December 2017 cumulative update 6.0.9319.510 for Skype for Business Server 2015” which I had not installed. I applied the patch (which was leading to another bunch of problems, of course :wink: )

After upgrading Skype for Business (on the front end server, not the edge server with the error) the problem is gone.

Thanks for the help and for ponting me in the right direction


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