Disable graphing for some services


My icingaweb2 + graphite setup is working fine but
I would like to disable some graphs.
The most checks creating graphs out of the box without configuring something
(just in my way of understanding :wink: )
How can I disable the graphing for a special service?


You could disable the collection of performance data via the service (template):
enable_perfdata = false


Ok, that will stop the graphing :slight_smile:
But now a white field with no data remains
Can I safely remove the data in:
/var/lib/graphite/whisper/icinga2/<hostname>/services/apt/apt/perfdata ?

(Aflatto) #4

You can delete the data, and as you set the perfdata to false it will not generate a new directory,and the “missing” block should disappear.

(Ivan Punko) #5

It works, was looking for something like this, thanks!

May be you know - is it possible to set performance data per service, not template? Or per host, via vars?

Thank you

(Aflatto) #6

yes, it should be possible , you just need to define the enable_perfdata = true on the host/service level for each one, but the removal of the data from the graphite storage, you will have to manage externally to icinga, but that can be achieved with a script that queries the API and finds if the variable is enabled for the object.

(Ivan Punko) #7

Thank you for quick reply!
We’re using grafana with prometheus as backend (works out of the box btw) but will switch to influxDB soon.

So we will not have that problem - first define all services for graphs and only then start pushing data to influx.