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Hi everyone,

My existing icinga setup is in production with ten thousand checks and thousands of hosts. I am looking for more automation with this environment and decide to try director. But according to doc, it is not encourage to mix director with hand crafted configuration, does it mean I need to start over? Can I use director for future new hosts and keep old hosts with hand crafted configuration? What is everyone’s experience? Thanks in advance.

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YES! Sooner or later, your config will broken or you’ll have a pretty chaos. If you are familiar with command line config - keep it! I think you have much more possibilities with your hand crafted config…

What do you mean with automation?


what do I mean by automation is to use anisble to update config through director api and another big reason I want to use director so other users in company can update thresholds or setup hosts etc. As of now only a few people have knowledge on icinga config so all changes need to go these people. So am I out of luck with director? Does everyone start from zero when they try director? Thanks in advance

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If I remember my icinga2 training correctly, @dnsmichi makes a suggestion to give a few people the director with limited roles and rights e.g. thresholds/ downtimes …
I’m not really familiar with the director but I think you should keep the whole administration in your hands (command line).

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You can restrict users with a specific set of permissions. Honestly, I don’t know where the docs are, but a little “try things out” in the configuration form for user permissions should clear things up here. Or you’ll read the source to check for current provided permissions and restrictions.

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That’s exactly what I am doing at the moment but I am replacing icinga1.

It’s a little bit tricky (at least for me) but I think it can work really good.
I am now installing icinga2, creating pki trust, creating zone files, creating templates for zones in director, registering hosts in the director and triggering a deploy.

Final goal is to have ansible fully automatically build new zones with all their servers and checks.


So from my understanding there is no way to import my current config into director or let director works on hand craft config. The config which director touches should be separate entirely from hand craft config. If that is the case, I can probably keep existing hand craft config and start from today using director for any new host I am going to add to our infrastructure. Does it sound like a hack and I am creating an icinga mess for myself?

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Hi there @tobler! so I see I’m not the only one in same situation :slight_smile:

Did you find a solution for this? I also have quite big setup of icinga2 at the moment, every Host, Service, Command, … coded manually in a repo, which we are very comfortable to be honest the flexibility that the icinga DSL offers is amazing.
But now, with new systems with autoprovision, auto-scaling … we would like to automate it somehow and I have the same question, is it possible to coexists .conf files under zones.d and director? if so, can you reuse templates from one side in the other and vice-versa? or if not, how to translate everything from code to director? I guess there are more people that were in this situation so if you can share your experience we will appreciate

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Hello everyone,

Same problem here.
For us, we want to use Director because it would be more practical to add/edit hosts and services configuration through a WebUI, even more as it is maintained by the editor, rather than through CLI or Custom Built Web UI.

Hopefully someone will provide an easy solution for this. Would be even better if it could be a feature of Director for the simple reason that it almost feels that Icinga Team is leaving behind everyone that already heavily adopted Icinga2/Web2 regarding Director.

@dnsmichi Sorry to bother you, even more if an official answer already exist for that, but what is the position/opinion of the Icinga Team on this matter ?

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I’am mixing manual config with director sometimes. I don’t have any problems with that at all. Which problems are you expecting? I think its not very usable, if you have more manual configured items than inside the Director, but I migrated a 100% manual config step by step into the director without major problems. Most problems are coming if you migrate things that a nessesary for a valid config, but you can’t remove them, before adding them into the director. But thats nothing what is easy to resolve.

Of course, on a paper i would not recommend to mix them, becaues its not perfect, but i don’t see any problems. If i have a handcrafted Icinga2 Checkcommand config file that another community member has build (thanks for that :)) I’am sometimes to lazy to import it into director. So why not just place it in zones.conf. What i would not recommend (outside the migrationphase) is to place Hosts in manual config. First there is no reason (that i can think of), because they are very fast and easy migrated, second, its anoying not to find the hosts in the director for fast changing. Also i think you could get duplicates on autoimport things.