Director match to hostgroup



How to assign a match value in hostgroups using director.

Ex: When i create a notification rule and assign it to match condition like

assign where match("unix", host.groups).

Any insight on how to achieve this via director will be great.


(Thomas Widhalm) #2

How about a workaround? Assign the hostgroup via a template and use this template for adding other things like notifications.

I’d say, this is more the “Director-way” of doing this.

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(Michael Friedrich) #3

There’s no match needed with just a string. You’d better rephrase this into

"unix" in host.groups

and this is what works with the contains operator AFAIK.

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Hello @dnsmichi:

Thanks Much.

But i have many unix host groups with sub names. Hence my plan is to set up something like this.

assign where match(“unix*”, host.groups).

Such that all my below host groups will be part of this check.


(Michael Friedrich) #5

Hm, I don’t think that the Director supports that specific thing. Maybe there’s a feature request on GH already.

In the meantime try as @widhalmt suggested.

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(Rafael Voss) #6

I am using custom vars for it and use them in the director:

object HostGroup "veeam-servers" {
    display_name = "Veeam Servers"
    assign where "veeam" in || "Veeam" in

Or with string instead of array:

object HostGroup "unix" {
    display_name = "Unix"
    assign where match("*unix*", host.vars.os || match("debian*", host.vars.os )

Than you could just add vars.os = “unix” to your unix host template and it will work.



I never tried host.groups as @dnsmichi mentioned, but it should work the same way as the Veeam example…


the problem is the implementation of Director. The mode parameter “matchany” of the function match is missing for this use case. Default is “matchall”.
I know that the Director at other place add this parameter, if the pattern has wildcards and and the text is an array.
For this usecase the function call should be: assign where match(“unix*”, host.groups, matchany).


Can the template be assigned to wildcard of hostgroup? for example can i assign the template to unix* when i have three hostgroups named unix-a, unix-b, unix-c?

(Thomas Widhalm) #9

You have to assign the template in the hos object, so you can’t use wildcards. That’s the import option that’s part of the host definition.