Debain 10 (Buster) with

I stepped over a package problem with libnet-snmp-perl 6.0.1-5 on Debian 10 (Buster) which brakes in my case with .

The problem occurs when trying to read a specified OID to collect the performance data. It always said: ERROR : Unknown interface


# -k -f -Y -B -M -r -C xxx -H y.y.y.y. -c 0,90 -n -t 45 -w 60,80
# ERROR : Unknown interface

I found a workaround by removing the snmp package 6.0.1-5 and install Net::SNMP from CPAN like:

# apt-get remove libnet-snmp-perl --purge
# apt-get install build-essential
# cpan Net::SNMP

New Example:

# -k -f -Y -B -M -r -C xxx -H y.y.y.y. -c 0,90 -n -t 45 -w 60,80
# Adaptive Security Appliance ‘outside’ interface:UP …

Note that the earlier Debian packages do not show this behaviour like 6.0.1-2.

Just wanted to share this with the community …