Dashing fills my icinga2.log

(Tweak19) #1

Hi there,
i am currently trying a little bit arround with dashing. Very nice so far.
But after few days i found out that my log files grow very well.

In the file i found every second:

information/ApiListener: New client connection from []:57980 (no client certificate)
information/HttpServerConnection: Request: Get /v1/objects/hosts (from []:57976, user: dashing)

So i wanna ask if there is something wrong or is this a normal state?
And how i can fix that dashing isn’t fill my log any more?

thanks in advance

(Michael Friedrich) #2

Lower the reconnect interval of the job, right now this is 10s afaik. The HTTP requests are logged by Icinga 2, there’s no way around it.