Dashboard flickers when displaying graph

(Kai) #1


I want to display the bandwith of a port on a switch at an infoterminal. This is what I did using my CMK admin account:

1] Created an automation user.
2] Created a custom graph, checked “Make available for all users” under Visibility
3] Created a new dashboard, added the graph and activated “Publish to all users” under Make this dashboard available for other users

Finally I set up my link to navigate to this dashboard directly. But I don’t see the graph, only a white box and the website flickers like crazy. As soon as I open another browser tab or window and sign in to CMK with my admin account, the dashboard website stops flickering and I can see the graph.

Due to this behaviour I assume I have some sort of permission problem for the automation user to access the graph as long as the admin is not signed in, but I have no idea…

Any thoughts of how to resolve this problem?
Thanks in advance!

(Philipp Näther) #2

Automation user accounts are not for accessing dashboards. They only can access single views and a dashboard is a combination of views.

You have to look for another way for authentication. Like using an auto form fill plugin in your browser. But if you run the dashboard on one system only, it should be sufficient to login with a guest user manually once. The cookie will be saved and you shouldn’t need to login again.

(Kai) #3

Thanks for your reply.

What eats my mind is that the automation link works just fine if the dashboard is empty or filled with anything other than a graph. Once I use a graph, it flickers. And I also had it working once.

The problem with the auto fill form is that I actually call the website from a WebBrowser control inside of a C# WPF application. From there it doesn’t matter if there is any other web browser running with the admin signed in, it won’t work.

(Philipp Näther) #4

Did you find a solution?