Daily Report or Notification on positive active check for specific host/service from Nagios Core

Hi there,

what is the best and easiest way to get a daily report of nagios send by mail? Best would be a 1to1 copy of the nagios status page (http://nagios-server/nagios/cgi-bin/status.cgi?host=all), where all hosts ans services listed with their status. Maybe some of you have good useable scripts or plugins for this or could help.

Or the other option with which i could live is how to get nagios send mail notifications for specific hosts/services if the active check was okay (green). For example i use a script that checks if the bacup with veeam was succesfull or not. thi is displayed in the nagios status page, but i get only a mail notification if it fails (status == red). If there is a option / plugin / script that would send a notification for a specific host/service if active check was okay, would be a working solution for, instead of a fully report.

thanks a lot and kind regards

does no one have an idea or solution for this?