Customise service grid

(Arethusa) #1

Hello everyone,

On icingaweb2 I added service grid,

On this test I have 2 Satellites on zone.d :

└── zones.d
├── icinga-satellite
│ ├── hosts.conf
│ ├── services.conf
│ └── templates.conf
├── icinga-satellite-bis
│ ├── hosts.conf
│ ├── services.conf
│ └── templates.conf

The master and Satellites are supervise in /etc/icinga2/conf.d/hosts.

On icinga-satellite I have “dns, icinga-client1”
On icinga-satellite-biss I have “messagerie, icinga-client2”
On icinga-master I have “icinga-master, icinga-satellite, icinga-satellite-bis

On icingaweb2, I had “monitoring/list/servicegrid”, and I have:

So it’s ok, that works, but, if it’s possible, I want to have a grid by satellite.

How can I split grid by something?

Thank you.

(Johannes Meyer) #2


the service grid currently just does not show a filter editor, but is filterable.

Try the following:


Any other filter should also work, just create it the usual way on the service listing and copy&paste the url parameters. :slight_smile:

(Arethusa) #3


It’s ok,

Service “check_source” is very good idea!
I have try “Host Entreprise” too.

Finally that works after the selection, I must “add to dashboard” or “add to menu”


And to finish :

Thank you.