Create table with Nagios data using Nagvis tool


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I am trying to create table in Nagvis… but I am not able to see the option to create new table with Nagios data using Nagvis tool.

Kindly help on how to create table using Nagvis ?


NagVis and the monitoring product (Nagios, Icinga, …) used are separate environments, so (to my knowledge) there’s no tool to create new tables. You can create tables yourself but then you have to extend the NagVis code to access the data from the tables you created.
Maybe you can describe what you’re trying to accomplish and somebody has proposal or solution…

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I am trying to explore Nagvis tool for better visualization using Nagios data. I wanted to create a table using nagvis options.

I searched for this in internet and got below link to create table, but I am not able to find options in Nagvis as mentioned in the link.


It seems I misinterpreted your posting. You’re not trying to create a database table but something like a textbox containing some information.
Which kind of Nagios data are we talking about?

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A basic table which is having server name and status of server. The data will be available in Nagvis.


Edit Map -> Add Icon -> Host ?