Context menu with specific links containing custom properties

(Rainer) #1


we have set up a larger Icinga2 installation with NagVis 1.9.8 and now I want to add some custom links inside the context menu of specific services.

I was able to create a new context template with my additional links and use that at the specific services. But I would need to use custom properties of each service within that link.

I have a t the service a custom property called IDM_DRV_DN and would need that in the context link.

Is that possible and do I have to use the custom_1 settings of the backend to access that custom property of the service for that ? I think so, but I couldn’t find a sample configuration for the backend configuration which contains such a custom_1 definition that I have an idea on how to configured that.

So any help would be appreciated.

(Rainer) #2

Maybe a little bit better explained …

I have at the specific services an action url configured that points to a perl/cgi script that get some custom properties of the service. Something like this:


I will have a group of users that is not familiar with Icing and therefor we prepare a NagVis map for them. Once a server changes it’s state for error, I don’t want them to open the service details and search there for the action url link, I want to have that link in the context menu of the service icon in NafVis directly. Then it’s much easier for them to find it. But the link contains custom service properties I do not have available in NagVis a t this time, so I cannot build that specific link in the context menu.

I hope this explains it a little bit better.