Configure check_mssql_health to use "Windows authentication"


We use the check_mssql_health --mode=database-filegroup-free but we are not getting the free space of all the databases, only of 3 of 22 databases on the MS-SQL instance.

We use SQL-Authentication, and we know we should be using “Windows authentication”, but our Linux-Admins don’t want the Icinga-Linux-Server to joint the Windows-Domain.

How could we simply configure check_mssql_health to use “Windows authentication” without making a big change on the OS? what are the alternatives to join the Domain?

/usr/local/monitoring/libexec/custom/check_mssql_health --critical=‘10:’ --hostname=XYZ --mode=database-filegroup-free --multiline --name=’^(?!(model|master|msdb))’ --notemp --regexp --report=‘long’ --selectedperfdata=‘free_pct’ --units=’%’ --username=foo --warning=‘20:’ --password=‘abcd’

check_mssql_health $Revision:

Thank you for your help.

I just solved it, it took me some time to read the information, but it wasn’t difficult:

1.- yum install freetds (1.1.20)
2.- yum install perl-DBD-Sybase (1.16-1.el7)
3.- tar -xvzf check_mssql_health-
4.- cd check_mssql_health-
5.- ./configure
6.- make
7.- make install

And it works with “Windows authentication”

–username ‘DOMAIN\adaccount’.

But it didn’t help with the main issue, it still doesn’t return info on all the databases, only a few of them.

It works now.

I’ve done nothing extra, but it shows all the databases now.

I’ll keep working on the switch to Windows authentication and see if it is stable.