Community work in the Salzburg area?


(Thomas Widhalm) #1


Before I even think about starting a full-blown Meetup I wanted to check if there is any interest in having any sort of Meeting in the Monitoring Community in Salzburg (Austria).

I know some users from around here but I don’t know if you are interested in meeting or how many we are.

Of course people from everywhere are welcome :wink: . Even more so because Salzburg is so close to the German border I’m quite sure there are some users there as well.

So just let me know if you’re interested and could manage to come to a Meeting so we can plan on having a first Meeting before we talk about planning a Meetup.


(Tim Grünberg) #2


I would participate, I think this is a good idea and a good chance to discuss and network.



Upper Austria checking in. I’m in Salzburg often enough so location would be fine, count me in if the time (aka. work) allows.

(gerhardg) #4

a central location would be nice, with the westbahn it’s only a 2 hour train ride to salzburg.

(Thomas Widhalm) #5

I totally forget to add the link to the new meetup (including doodle) in Salzburg:

(Moritz) #6

Friendly reminder, 1st Monitoring Meetup in Salzburg will take place next week!

(Moritz) #7

Next Monitoring Meetup in Salzburg will take place Friday, next week: