Chose/ distinguish a moniroting solution

(Geoffrey) #1

Hello all,

I come here after some research to get some advice.

I have my own personal lab and i want to monitor it.

I search on which solution i will work to monitor my lab.
At work i know that they use icinga or zabbix.
So i have seen some of their functionality and how use them.

But i have discover too the solution netdata( It’s seems to be fun.

Until now i am not able to see in what icinga/zabbix or netdata are different to chose the right one. For netdata i too am not sure that it will be a full monitoring tool or a complement to icinga for example.

So my questions are:

  • Is for you netdata an alternative to icinga ?
  • For someone who work on IT but begin in monitoring purpose which one will you recommend, based on your experience ?
  • Sometimes i read that somes solutions a more dedicated for vhost monitoring, physical or networking device, is there really some specialization per solution ? If yes which ones ?

Thank’s by advance for your feedback

(Roland Sommer) #2

Each of the monitoring solutions/frameworks does have their pros and cons. The challenge is IMHO to fit the needs. Therefore, is crucial to carve out the goals and define the requirements to align them with the products.

In general, there are different approaches i.e.:

  • Icinga(2)/Nagios etc.: (Just) frameworks to build your own solution. Means big effort, but most flexible
  • PRTG, NetCrunch etc.: Complete solution working out-of-the-box, closed source but could be extended with some small add-ons.
  • LogicMonitor etc.: Cloud based solution, means full featured solution without the need of a local server

Each of them have their place, but are completely different in costs, extensibility, flexibility etc.