Checks in Hard state


hi all,

I’m happy with my notification rules, my question is what will happens to the Check which are in HARD state before my new rules ?

They dont send any notifications because their state is HARD and it will not change for a while and I want get Notifications about them too, what should I do here ?

Thanks in advance


(Philipp Näther) #2

If you already know they are in a warn or crit state, you do not need a notification about it, do you? :thinking:

Apply your rules and you will get notified the next time it goes from OK to WARN/CRIT again.

Alternatively you can fake the check result to OK. So it is OK for one cycle and gets back to WARN/CRIT automatically and you will get the notification once the hard state is reached again.

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unfortunately yes

This is what I did now but there are about 70 Services :blush:

So I’ll do that manually with fake…

thank you so much