Check_wmi_plus -m checkmem - invalid perfdata

Hi all,
I am checking memory via check_wmi_plus:
./check_wmi_plus -H host -A ./wmi.auth -c 90 -m checkmem -w 40

The output is:

WARNING - [Triggered by _MemUsed%>40] - Physical Memory: Total: 3.999GB - Used: 1.942GB (49%) - Free: 2.058GB (51%)|'Physical Memory Used'=2085052416Bytes; 'Physical Memory Utilisation'=49%;40;90;

In my InfluxDB I just get metrics for “Physical Memory Utilisation” but not for “Physical Memory Used”. In my Icinga2 debuglog I can find invalid perfdata entries:

[2018-08-21 11:53:26 +0200] warning/InfluxdbWriter: Ignoring invalid perfdata value: 'Physical Memory Used'=2064183296Bytes;

Does anybody know, what’s the error here? Is this a bug of check_wmi_plus or icinga2?

Thanks in advance


According to the plugin developer guidelines “Bytes” is not a valid UOM. “B” would be…

So the Bug is in the Plugin itself. Thanks for the Info, I will make an bug report.