Check /tmp


I want to check /tmp, but /tmp is a tmpfs. So I changed the to

inventory_df_exclude_fs            = [ 'nfs', 'smbfs', 'cifs', 'iso9660' ]
inventory_df_exclude_mountpoints   = [ '/dev.*' , '/run.*', '/sys.*']

But in Check_MK I always see the filesystems:

Filesystem /dev
Filesystem /dev/shm
Filesystem /run
Filesystem /run/lock
Filesystem /sys/fs/cgroup


Filesystem /tmp (thats ok)

How can I change it, thats only /tmp will be checked?


(Philipp Näther) #2

Which cmk version do you use?
I am asking because at the current state it is recommended to use WATO for configuration.


I am using 1.4.0p37

If you know a way to use WATO for this, then I would use WATO :slight_smile:

(Philipp Näther) #4

When using WATO, you could simply do not inventory the mountpoint and fs services for the host at the service inventory screen. If you want to disable the services completely you can use the WATO rule “disabled services”, enter the service name with a regex and define explicit hosts or you apply the rule to host tags or WATO folders.


The default for inventory_df_exclude_fs is

inventory_df_exclude_fs            = [ 'tmpfs', 'nfs', 'smbfs', 'cifs', 'iso9660' ]

To get the informations of /tmp, I have to overwrite inventory_df_exclude_fs

inventory_df_exclude_fs            = [ 'nfs', 'smbfs', 'cifs', 'iso9660' ]

Is there a possibility to set this in WATO too?

(Philipp Näther) #6

Ok you want this explicit setting. That is the rule “discovery parameters for filesystem checks”.