Check plugins Exception IndexError (string index out of range)

hi all,
I get following error when I click on the Check Plugins menu on the sidebar WATO-Configuration:


Does anyone know why?

Thanks in advance,

Update to p17 at least, bug has been fixed:

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thanks for your answer @TheLucKy,

I work since 3 month with Check_MK so do you have any recommendation or links how can I update the check_mk ?

thank you so much

Simply download the package of the latest version for your os (or use a version from the archive). Install the package with the package manager of your system (yum, zypper, etc.). Login as site user. Make sure the newly installed version is set as default (# omd versions). If the new version is default, run # omd update. That’s it.

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thank you so much Ill test that first on my test system then on prod.


In Python, a string is a single-dimensional array of characters. The string index out of range means that the index you are trying to access does not exist. In a string, that means you’re trying to get a character from the string at a given point. If that given point does not exist , then you will be trying to get a character that is not inside of the string. Indexes in Python programming start at 0. This means that the maximum index for any string will always be length-1. There are several ways to account for this. Knowing the length of your string (using len() function)could certainly help you to avoid going over the index.

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