Check-mk with nagios core

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Hi Team,

I am new to this check_mk. One of my organization has build the nagios console with nagios core and check_mk.

  1. I am not able to find where is check_mk plugins and how the check mk is commands are defined.
  2. How to check the services is warning or critical from command prompt using check_mk like below

check_nrpe -H remotehost -c check_load -W 10 -C 20

can anybody please give reply for this.

  1. the check_mk plugins are in:
    and Custom check which you can create in:
  2. you can do something like this:

cmk --checks checkname hostname

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Hi Neeloj,

Thanks for the reply.
We are not using OMD.
we are using nagios core 4.1.1 and check_MK .1.1.0 versions. Sorry to say this still not understanding how they designed in our environment but its working fine.

Can you give command how to check the remote server cpu load passive check from nagios server.

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I would highly recommend you to invest the time and effort to update/migrate your monitoring environment to the latest cmk version if you are planning to stick with check_mk.

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Hi Philipp Nather,

Thanks for the reply. But we are not going to upgrade. Can you please tell if you have command to check the service from nagios server. I need command to check the service from server. Can yo please provide where will be command will define for check_mk-df and check_mk-ps.

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May I ask why?

If you have the check_mk_agent installed on the host you run a cmk -I HOST to inventory the hosts services. df-checks should be added automatically, for a special process you might need a rule in your But first, make sure your server - host communication is working and you get some services after inventory.

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Thanks for the reply.
We are not sure about upgrade.

Yes client end we have installed the check_mk agent.
From serer side we have given the cmk -I hostname. It shows the list of services. I am able to see services are automatically came in nagios console.
For example. I want check the remote server cpu or memory or disk size from nagios server. Can you tell us how we will check from nagos server in command line. If you provide the step by step process with explanation it would be great to understand my self.

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If you are new to check_mk you should check the docs in the first place to learn how things work. But since you are running an antique version of check_mk, almost none of the recent docs will apply to your version anymore.

Please show the output of a cmk -D hostname.

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I gone throw the document but none of documents are available on my environment that is check_mk with nagios core. if you have any doc pls send to me that will help to me. The below is the out put cmk -D hostname

Tags: hai
Host groups: HT-AIX-PR
Contact groups: aix-admins
Type of agent: TCP (port: 6556)
Is aggregated: no
checktype item params description groups summarized to grou ps

cpu.loads None (5, 10) CPU load
cpu.threads None (2000.0, 4000.0) Number of threads
lparstat_aix None (5, 10) lparstat

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I told you that the docs do not apply to your version anymore. I can’t provide you any old docs because they got removed.

So it looks like its an AIX system. I am not even sure if there was a fully functional aix agent in 1.1.0. Please run a cmk -d host to see what the agent of the host provides.

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Thanks for the update.

The below is the output for the cmk -d hostname. Let me know if you need more information.

[root@nagios ~]# cmk -d fe-cs2dexfth0nim
Version: 1.1.10
AgentOS: aix

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As you can see you do not get any information out of the agent. So unfortunately it is not possible to use the check_mk plugins you mentioned.
If you want to use remote plugins as active checks you can check the docs about the mrpe function of cmk. But notice this is also deprecated.