Check_mk in omdLabs asks for separate login

(Norbert Schulze Spuentrup) #1

after a long time use of the old omd 1.30 I switched to omdLabs 2.80.
When I log in to the welcome page Thruck asks for authentication.
This authentication works for Thruk, Nagvis and pnp4nagios.
But when I switch to the check_mk webpage, I´m asked for a additional login.

In omd config are following setiings for WEB GUI:
Apache_Mode: ssl
Apache_TCP_Port: 5000
Defaukt_GUI: welcome
Dokuwiki_Auth: on
Multisite_Authorisation: off
Multisite_Cookie_Auth: on
Nagios_Theme: classiccui
Thruk_Cookie_Auth: on
Web_Alias: (nothing)
Web_Redirect: off

Can someone tell me how to change the authorisation so that one login with user/password ist OK for all webpages of a omd site.

Thanks in advance