Check_mk a lot of checks for ms exchange fail with the same error message

(Ralf Oertner) #1

I am pretty new with check_mk. I just made my first test installation which after all works fine,
I added a windows 2016 server with an exchange server 2016 installed to the monitoring system and installed the msi client.
The usual checks (cpu and so on) work fine. But a lot of checks (not all) which are checking the exchange server fail with:
"Invalid check parameter: Average latency for store requests: The datatype must be a tuple, but is dict!..
I’m using the actual free version of check_mk on debian buster. What was my mistake?

(Philipp Näther) #2

Which cmk version do you use?

(Ralf Oertner) #3

Hello Philipp!

I’am using the one that was included in the installation package of check_mk.

(Philipp Näther) #4

Ehm what? Which installation package?

Run a cmk -v as site user.

(Ralf Oertner) #5

Hi Phlipp,

cmk -V
says This is Check_MK version 1.5.0p21 CRE