Check_mk 1.5.0p3 - LDAP users in multiple contact groups

(Petra) #1

Hello there,

I have a question, I want to configure the automation to pass the users from LDAP to contactgroups.

So I can’t find any solution, for putting peope in multiple contactgroups. Is this not supportet, when users are in more then one LDAP folder?


(Philipp Näther) #2

As I understand the docs and help text correctly, it is possible to assign a users contactgroups via multiple ldap groups. The ldap user of course hast to be in all the different ldap groups and of course the ldap groups have to be named exactly like the contactgroups.

(Petra) #3

Hi Lucky,

I have tested it, I have put two LDAP Connections into check_Mk, in both groups are my user. But I can find me only in one contact group, I’m not sure, what is wrong…

Does I need some of this options?:


(Philipp Näther) #4

Why two LDAP connections? One LDAP connection should be sufficient that searches beside users also for groups that are named like the context groups in the given Base context.

(Petra) #5

Ah nice :slight_smile: ty, now it works.