Check logged on user


I would like advice. Now we use icinga1 with the check_nrpe!check_session (~like this

If I’m right, the check_user-windows only show how many users is connected but not a specific user.
I want to use something differents to check if a specific user is logged. How can I do this ?
Thanks you

(Aflatto) #2

For starters, you should move to Icinga2 , as Icinga 1.x is no longer supported and will not be getting any updates.

second, I am unfamiliar with any plugin that provides that, but you might be able to do that with the check_wmi_plus plugins


I forgot to said, I move to Icinga2 so I use it now and I want to migrate this check.
I’ll check what I can do with the check_WMI
thanks you :slight_smile:


I did this with a powershell script like this :

The script is here :