Check_http - no performance data in influxdb

(Otto Brandstaetter) #1


I am having the following strange problem:
A check_http for a service returns the following:
HTTP OK: HTTP/1.1 302 - 133 bytes in 0,001 second response time |time=0,000633s;;;0,000000;10,000000 size=133B;;;0 time_connect=0,000267s;;;;10,000000 time_headers=0,000004s;;;;10,000000 time_firstbyte=0,000318s;;;;10,000000 time_transfer=0,000353s;;;;10,000000

This is the service-call:
'/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_http' '-4' '-H' 'radioserver1' '-p' '6500' '-u' '/radioservers2' -E

In icinga2 I can see the performance-data:

Performance data

Label Value Max

time 928.00 µs 10.00 s
time_transfer 612.00 µs 10.00 s
time_firstbyte 570.00 µs 10.00 s
time_connect 289.00 µs 10.00 s
time_headers 7.00 µs 10.00 s
size 133.00 B -

But there are no data written to influxdb?

This is the default check_http from nagios-plugins on a debian 9 system.

I suppose, performance data output is correct. Could anyone please give me a hint why these data do not show up in influxdb?
Cheers and thanks in advance,


Most probably your language settings are set to german (or a german speaking country) so there is no decimal point but a comma.
One way to solve that is to unset the relevant environment variables in the start script for Icinga.

(Denny Fuchs) #3


I have the same settings and it works. Can you take a look into InfluxDB directly on the DB (so, no Grafana) ?

(Otto Brandstaetter) #4


@Wolfgang: Thank you, I will give that a try. Weird is, that other checks appear without issues…
@linuxmail: Thank you. Of course. I had a look into the series, but in influxdb there are no http_check data at all…

(Carsten Köbke) #5

The measurement should be named ‘http’ only. Best is to enable debuglog and check if data from http chevks are send to influx or if there is a proplem. You can also enable write log in influx to see what is send to influx and if there is a problem.