Check for file age on windows

(Daniel) #1


I need your help. I run an icinga2 with web and director. Now I have to check the age of a file on a windows machine. I think, that is not possible with the pure icinga2 client. Therefore I use the nsclient++. But how do I create this check on icinga director?

(Daniel) #2

I could reach one step. Now I´m possible to check if a file is in a path.

Therefor I use the command nscp-local with three fields: nscp_arguments, nscp_modules and nscp_query. Then I generated a service-template names check files:

Only if I use “path=C:\test.txt” the check works correct. If I want to test, how old this file is, it doesn’t work how I want it.

(Daniel) #3


I tried to make it with check_files, but it wasn’t successfully. Nobody who could give me a hint, how I can realize this check over icinga director on a windows machine with nsclient++ ???


(Roland Sommer) #4

You might take a look at this plugin.