Changed Icinga ScheduledDowntime object does not update in Thruk UI

(Peter) #1

So, I had applied a scheduled downtime to a service via Icinga2 config file. The downtime showed up correctly in Thruk. I later changed that scheduled downtime and reloaded/restarted Icinga2, but Thruk scheduled downtime does not update to the new times. If I "icinga2 object list --type Scheduleddowntime, the result is accurate, i.e. the time period is reflected correctly. Tried to delete the downtimes in the Thruk UI, which does not appear to error, but also does not remove the downtimes. New downtime is not showing up at all.

Config Files:

template ScheduledDowntime “spindown-nightly” {

ranges = {
“sunday” = “02:00-13:00”,
“monday” = “02:00-13:00”,
“tuesday” = “02:00-13:00”,
“wednesday” = “02:00-13:00”,
“thursday” = “02:00-13:00”,
“friday” = “02:00-13:00”,
“saturday” = “02:00-13:00”,

apply ScheduledDowntime “spindown-nightly” to Service {
import “spindown-nightly”
author = “icingaadmin”
comment = “Resources spun down”
assign where service.vars.spindown_nightly == “true”


template Service “my_service” {
import “generic-service-15m”
check_command = “check_cloudwatch”
vars += {
spindown_nightly = “true”

apply Service “some-service” {
import “my-service”
assign where == NodeName

the configuration worked fine the first time, but after changing the scheduled times in the downtime template and restarting Icinga2, the changes are not reflected in thruk…

(Peter) #2

Looks like the error on the Icinga2 server is: warning/Downtime: Cannot remove downtime ‘!some-service!7b185335-44f4-41a8-a27e-b18777d0cf73’. It is owned by scheduled downtime object!some-service!spindown-nightly’

(Sven Nierlein) #3

there is no magic involved here on Thruks side. Thruk just fetches the downtimes from icinga2 via livestatus and shows them as is. So i guess there is something wrong in Icinga here.

(Peter) #4

yeah, that error seems to point more at icinga, I’ll post in the Icinga forum…

(Peter) #5

Well, but when I list the objects in Icinga2, these downtimes no longer exist, could they be cached from the initial fetch on the Thruk box?

(Sven Nierlein) #6

thruk does not cache anything like that.

(Peter) #7

thanks… i found the state on the Icinga2 box and manually deleted.