Change RRD_Storage_Type for one Check to MULTIPLE

(Christian) #1


we need to create our graphs dynamically, depending what performance values are available at the moment of the check.

I have found something about it:

“What then happens is that the number of data sources the rrd file will hold is determined the first time the check runs, and if this later changes due to the dynamic nature of the response from the plugin, the result will be an error message in the system logs, and the rrd file is left without updates. The log messages as seen below are related to these type of rrd issues:”

So I need to change the Storage_Type for one check to MULTIPLE.

Generally I do not want to change to MULTIPLE because of this blog entry:

If I am right, I am able to override the Template for one Check.

Do you think this is the right way and how I am configuring a template for one check?

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(Michael Friedrich) #2 is highly likely what you are looking for. I did use that more than 6 years ago, don’t have any production samples at hand.

(Christian) #3

I am not sure, if I am understanding right. It this the way?

Create “check_xxx.cfg” at /pnp4nagios/etc/check_commands/

Add to “”:


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(Joerg Linge) #4

“RRD_STORAGE_TYPE = MULTIPLE” can only be set for one check_command

(Christian) #5

So If I need to use this for more check_commands, I will need to change the global config to MULTIPLE?


Please note: “one check_command” means all objects using this check_command.

(Christian) #7

This is fine and what I need.

But I am still confused how I am able to configure it.


Hm. You have all Information and already posted a solution.
Given you want to alter the settings for check_ping you add a file check_ping.cfg in .../check_commands containing

As stated above this setting will be used for ALL objects using the check_ping definition.