Change Nagvis User password not possible

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I created a Nagvis User with Role Users (Read-Only)
After logging in I wanted to change password but it does not work:


Does anyone know the solution?

Nagvis – 1.9
Icinga2 – r2.10.2-1
Icingaweb2 – 2.6




Do you have any update, or were you able to solve it?
We faced similar issue…




Please check the Apache logs for messages and the permissions on the database.



There isn’t any error in httpd logs.
After I enabled debug in Nagvis, there was the following line in nagvis-debug.log:
Action access denied (Mod: ChangePassword Act: view Object:

I also changed db permissions temporarily to 777, but is didn’t help.
Password change menu is visible for users, once we set:
Module: ChangePassword
Action: change
Object: *
Permitted: enabled (ticked)

But we get the error when users are trying to open it:
ERROR: You are not permitted to access this page (ChangePassword/view/).

Password change works only for admins, so when we enable everything for a user:
Module: *
Action: *
Object: *
Permitted: enabled (ticked)

Any other idea?

Thanks in advance!

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OK. Thanks.
I will test.


Owner of the files should be the webserver process and group should be the group of the monitoring process.

Looking at server/core/classes/CoreModChangePassword.php it says for both view and change

    // Check if user is already authenticated
    // Change password must be denied when using trusted mode
    if($AUTH->isAuthenticated() && !$AUTH->authedTrusted()) {

Can you verify whether the conditions are met?


I’ve checked CoreModule.php, which initialize ERROR popup, and modified it a little bit to get more info which condition is not OK:

    if($authorized && !$AUTHORISATION->isPermitted($this->sName, $action, $this->sObject)) {
		$auth_test=$AUTHORISATION->isPermitted($this->sName, $action, $this->sObject);
		throw new NagVisException(l('ERROR,'.
		'authorized: '.$authorized.' * '.
		'auth_test: '.$auth_test.' * '.
		'sName: '.$this->sName.' * '.
		'Action: '.$action.' * '.
		'sObject: '.$this->sObject.' * '
		,Array('PAGE' => $this->sName.'/'.$this->sObject)));

		$authorized = false;
        throw new NagVisException(l('You are not permitted to access this page ([PAGE]).',
                                    Array('PAGE' => $this->sName.'/'.$action.'/'.$this->sObject)));

Then Popup shows:
ERROR,authorized: 1 * auth_test: * sName: ChangePassword * Action: view * sObject: * Opts: {“PAGE”:“ChangePassword/”}

So condition “if($authorized && !$AUTHORISATION->isPermitted($this->sName, $action, $this->sObject))” returns with true && true…
So why $AUTHORISATION->isPermitted(‘ChangePassword’, ‘View’, $this->sObject) return with false???


Debugging server/core/classes/CoreModChangePassword.php also:

class CoreModChangePassword extends CoreModule {
public function __construct($CORE) {
    $this->sName = 'ChangePassword';
	global $AUTH;
	$takitest = '';
	if($AUTH->isAuthenticated() && !$AUTH->authedTrusted()) {
                    $takitest = 'TRUE';
                } else {
                    $takitest = 'FALSE';
	throw new NagVisException(l('OUTPUT: '.$takitest.' ***).', Array('PAGE' => $this->sName.'/'.$this->sObject)));

    $this->aActions = Array(
        'view'   => REQUIRES_AUTHORISATION,

Then POPUP shows:
OUTPUT: TRUE ***).Opts: {"PAGE":"ChangePassword\/"}

So condition if($AUTH->isAuthenticated() && !$AUTH->authedTrusted()) should be OK.
After this poput it shows the following error also:
Javascript error occured: NotFoundError: Node was not found https://mona-test/nagvis/frontend/nagvis-js/js/NagVisCompressed.js?v=1.9.14 (1799)

Btw, file permissions are:
nagios@iumg135> ll
total 422
-rw-rw-r-- 1 nagios nagiosgp 2338 Oct 28 2013 apache2-nagvis.conf-sample
-rw-r–r-- 1 nagios nagiosgp 0 Oct 28 2013 auth-backup
-rw-rw-r-- 1 apache nagiosgp 82944 Oct 4 07:31 auth.db
-rw-rw-r-- 1 nagios nagiosgp 82944 Nov 6 2018 auth.db.20181106
-rw-rw-r-- 1 nagios nagiosgp 34816 Oct 28 2013 auth.db.bak-2013-05-14_10:05:26
-rw-rw-r-- 1 nagios nagiosgp 34816 Oct 28 2013 auth.db.bak-2013-05-14_10:06:04
-rw-rw-r-- 1 nagios nagiosgp 33792 Oct 28 2013 auth.db.bak-2013-05-14_10:06:06
-rw-rw-r-- 1 nagios nagiosgp 82944 Nov 6 2018 auth.db-old
drwxrwxr-x 2 nagios nagiosgp 96 Oct 28 2013 conf.d
drwxrwxr-x 2 nagios nagiosgp 1024 Oct 28 2013 geomap
drwxrwxr-x 5 nagios nagiosgp 9216 Oct 3 11:30 maps
-rw-rw---- 1 nagios nagiosgp 16930 Oct 3 14:01 nagvis.ini.php
-rw-rw---- 1 nagios nagiosgp 16929 Oct 3 13:21 nagvis.ini.php.20191003
-rw-rw-r-- 1 nagios nagiosgp 21926 Oct 28 2013 nagvis.ini.php-sample
drwxrwxr-x 2 nagios nagiosgp 1024 Nov 6 2018 profiles





I guess here could be the problem in source code:

 class CoreModChangePassword extends CoreModule {
public function __construct($CORE) {
    $this->sName = 'ChangePassword';

    $this->aActions = Array(
        //'view'   => REQUIRES_AUTHORISATION,
		'view'   => 'change',

Changing value for ‘view’ solved the issue!!!


The file hasn’t been changed for quite a long time so I’d say that’s not the source of the problem. Your change seems to be a workaround, though…



Yes, I’ve checked and it is really was the same in older versions (for example: 1.9.3).
I’ve tried also to:

  • delete db
  • then can use default admin/guest
  • create a new user (autogenerate new db file)
  • test it with new user, but the same error

If I will have time, I will try to install a fresh Nagvis on a virtual server, and test it there…
Until then this workaround could be used in our Live env.

Do you have maybe other idea, what else should I try or change?



In our TEST server, I found a very old 1.8.4 version, with the following config:

 class CoreModChangePassword extends CoreModule {
protected $CORE;
protected $FHANDLER;
protected $SHANDLER;

public function __construct($CORE) {
    $this->sName = 'ChangePassword';
    $this->CORE = $CORE;

    $this->aActions = Array(
        'view'   => 'change',
        'change' => REQUIRES_AUTHORISATION

So long long time age (far far away), it was configured as I suggested now!!!


Due to the GitHub ticket the error was introduced during a version change (1.8 => 1.9 [?]) but I have no idea what might have happened.


Could you please link the related Github Ticket!

Do you know how can I inform Developers about this issue?
Is it enough if I raise a ticket on Github also?


Sorry, I mixed the tickets :frowning :-(((

~It should be sufficient to add your findings to the open ticket.~



Thanks a lot mate!
Your help was really useful for Me!!!




I see, those ticket was not related to this issue :S
Waiting for the right one :wink:


Sorry, Gabor. After a quick search the only one related to DB issues (root / other users) seems to be issue 204 which you already know :-/.


Ok, no prob.
I will raise a new Ticket :wink: