Category updates: Welcome Sensu and Prometheus

(Michael Friedrich) #1


I keep thinking global in this community. A #monitoringlove community which shares ideas, passion, culture and brings each other to the next level.

The story so far

The first step towards this was to make this platform English only. This opens it up for everyone around the globe, and I am really really happy about the adoption in the first two weeks.

Some numbers:


Our platform was featured in the monitoring.weekly newsletter by Mike Julian last week :slight_smile:

Since we are really Icinga/OMD centric (true that Mike), we sure have proven that we accept different technologies and integrations. Years ago we didn’t even know about InfluxDB, Grafana and more.


This time I’d like to invite anyone using #sensu or #prometheus to join on in on the new shiny Monitoring Portal :slight_smile:

We’re learning and improving ourselves with competition and knowledge exchange. Sometimes applications co-exist and integrate very well with each other. I’m here to learn from you myself :heart_eyes:


PS: In order not to make the category list longer than needed, I’ve merged anything from “Announcements” into #community (“announcements” was so old-school from the old forum, one doesn’t need that).
PPS: “nagios” was renamed to #omd:nagios-naemon