Category for Zabbix platform

(Vladimir Ulogov) #1

If created, I can help to answer the questions.

(Leon) #2

Since Zabbix is completely based on Open-Source and I have often found threads in the official forum where a problem is answered first, but then communication breaks down completely, a Zabbix category would really be worth mentioning here. In addition, the official forum doesn’t use a common language, often you’ll find answers in Russian and English, which pretty much limits community support.

Also @vulogov please note Categories for other projects

(Michael Friedrich) #3

I’ve tried that with Sensu and Prometheus, and there’s zero traffic. In the past, there was Centreon as well which was closed too.

I don’t think that generic platforms work well for different communities, each of them has their own platform with well known community members and also developers. Honestly speaking, this community is 90% Icinga and some Nagios/CheckMK related content. So I don’t think it is worth the effort going his route, I’m more thinking of leaving it “as is” and moving on with my passion, Icinga.

(Leon) #4

Okay, it’s a pity for Zabbix users but from your point of view it’s completely understandable.
But that’s what the site-feedback forum is made for. :sunglasses:

(Michael Friedrich) #5

I’m always open for suggestions, and normally will wait with my opinion.

This thinking of mine sources from following communities in the past years. I’ve shared this on the official Discourse discussion board too.

(Leon) #6

Wow, that’s pretty deep thoughts you wrote. Gives a good insight into the life of a forum administrator and the history of, thanks for that.

I also have to honestly say, as the community develops here and by that I mean in a good way, it is also easier for new members to write their first posts because of the pleasent and friendly atmosphere in the forum.

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