Business Process - Notification




Can anyone help me configure business process notification. I see another thread on same topic but still not clear on how to enable notifications.


(Kevin Honka) #2

I would suggest using a dummy host that uses the check_businessprocess plugin. you can then use the default icinga2 notifications.


That’s great idea. Do you have a sample to achieve the same?

(Kevin Honka) #4

I would define a dummy host as follows and for starters a static service check, which can later be replaced by a apply rule

object Host "BP" {
    check_command = "dummy"
    check_interval = 6m
    enable_active_checks = false
    enable_perfdata = true
object Service "businessprocess" { 
    host_name = "BP"
    check_command = "businessprocess"
    check_period = "Always"
    enable_notifications = true 
    zone = "icinga.local" 
    command_endpoint = host_name 
    vars.icingacli_businessprocess_process = "test"

(Michael Friedrich) #5 is defined in the ITL. Keep in mind that this check needs to be executed on the same host where icingacli/Icinga Web 2 is installed.