Business Process module do not work - ipl\Html\BaseHtmlElement not found


first of all I’m newbie to Icinga so I guess my issue is based on my low knowledge of the system. Using Icinga Web 2.6.2 with Director module installed. I added Business Process module 2.1.0 to module directory. After module was enabled menu item appears. When I click on it, i got error Class ‘ipl\Html\BaseHtmlElement’ not found . Looks like PHP cannot load ipl-html library. Can you please advice how to fix it?



Got it. Installed IPL module.

Well, glad you got it working but if you really would have installed v2.1.0 (you’ve obviously got the master, bleeding edge) this would not have occurred. :wink:

Really used v2.1.0 …

But never mind. I’m happy it works. :slight_smile: