Broken Icinga2 SLES repository

(Winfried Angele) #1


I’m trying to mirror your repository with Suse Manager (SMT). However it doesn’t work. My guess is that the metadata in your “repodata” directory does not match the content of the repository and needs to be recreated. I don’t have much more information, the SMT tools are not very talkative. I have only these errors:

E ‘http ://’: 404 Not Found
E ‘http ://’: 404 Not Found


(Markus Frosch) #2

@bobapple could you have a look?

(Winfried Angele) #3

Still these two errors. The mirroring works, but the repodata dir is not mirrored correctly. My mirror contains only a “.repodata” directory instead of “repodata”. I asume this is because the two missing packages.

E ‘’: 404 Not Found
E ‘’: 404 Not Found

(Markus Frosch) #4

Nothing has been changed, I asked @bobapple to check it, he worked on icingabeat last week

(Michael Friedrich) #5

Best would be to create an issue at to track the error and assign a task.


(Winfried Angele) #6


Thanks :slight_smile: