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its possible to send notifications only if the BI goes in WARN/CRIT state ?
Host with 8 checks, if one of those checks goes in WARN/CRIT send a notification ?

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create an active check “Check State of BI Aggregation” and add it to any host. After that create a normal service notification for the new “BI service”.

I don’t understand what you mean with the second question - just create service notifications for the host.

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thanks for your answer @Dani

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I have in CHILD NODE GENERATION 8 Services, so if one of them is WARN/CRIT the host will go down and in this case I want send a notification.

thanks again

(Kai) #4

I would consider not defining a services notification rule for these services at all. Have you defined the “host” that “will go down” as a host in Icinga? If so, just set up a hosts notification rule for this host, and you will get a single notification at the time the host is seen to be DOWN by Icinga (in the “hard” case, of course). Then further notifications of course, if nothing is done, if normally defined in the rule.

Of course it may be necessary to create a special host template (deciding UP or DOWN state) for your host that does not simply ping, but “watches” those 8 services somehow.

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thank you @bkai, I use Check_MK and not Icinga, but how they works are similar thanks for your idea… :slight_smile:

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(Ooops, sorry, didn’t notice the portal section we are in… :yum:)

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its okay dont be sorry thanks again :smiley: