Best practice for dependencies in 3-level distributed icinga2


(Michael Klug) #1


I wanted to ask how you normally handle a satellite zone being disconnected as well as make it visible on the master.

What i tried was putting the satellites in the master zone, this is nice as it immediately shows the hosts as down BUT as long as the connection is lost the satellite hosts don’t check themselves and the data is lost.

Also I guess the hosts beneath the satellite would be dependent on the satellite (hosts or zone?). Is there a macro to make something dependent on the zone controlling it or something like that?

Could you give me a hint how this is usually handled?
Answer could also be in German :smiley:

(Michael Friedrich) #2

Please stick to English and allow everyone to follow the discussion.

Question aside, how do you determine the satellite’s zone connectivity to the master, and also the clients?

(Michael Klug) #3

Possible would be a ssh check to the cluster IP of the satellite cluster or I think better the icinga internal “cluster-zone” check to the satellite zone.

Basically I am not yet sure how it will be done in the future with icinga2, atm we use nrpe to the cluster address, but I don’t wan’t to use nrpe anymore.

The connectivity to the clients is checked via hostalive from the satellite zone.

(Michael Klug) #4

Ok my solution through testing was to have a cluster-zone check in the master zone for every satelite zone which is parent of all Hosts and Services in the host group which is controlled by the satellite.
If this is a bad solution please someone tell me :slight_smile:

Next step is to find out if I manage to automate the creation of this checks through the director (will be 200+ zones in the future)