Benefits from Icinga2-Agent on windows-servers?

Hi everyone!

Currently I’m switching my Monitoring from Icinga1 to Icinga2.
I’m already monitoring ~100 Windows-Servers via nsclient which I can continue to use with the new Monitoring-Instance (if I understanded it correctly since Icinga2-Agent packages a version of nsclient).
Should I continue using pure nsclient or are there some big improvements using the agent?


Biggest advantages of installing an Icinga2 agent on your Windows is you can use the config sync and replay log if something a level higher dies. I would generally suggest committing to one approach, makes looking for errors easier :wink:

Depending on how you query NSClient++, it also is a question of security. If you’re using check_nt or check_nrpe, that transport method may use TLS, but without any certificate chain validation nor CN checks allowing for MITM attacks. This is where the Icinga 2 client adds a security bridge with trusted communication, and you can still call the nsclient++ checks locally on that box.

On the other hand, you might want to add more checks with Powershell or anything else. Using the same configuration format, or even syncing that from the parent nodes comes in handy with overall maintenance.

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