Backup of Check_MK

How can i do a backup of Check_MK 1.4.0p21?


I review this for automatic but didnt work:

Thanks in advance.

“but didnt work” is not a very precise and useful explanation.

You have right. Im going to check again

and tell you where i lost.

“In the web user interface’s main menu, select the item Manage file systems”

I dont have the “Manage file systems” in the main menu

You are looking into the wrong docs. What you have there is about the cmk appliance. I don’t think you are using the appliance.

For backups you can either use the WATO “backup” feature in the left WATO menu or omd backup with a chronjob.

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I use cron since…forver. If there’s X on your server, you could try Gnome-Schedule for easy planning.

Example: omd backup yoursite /whereever/filename_$NOW.tar.gz

The $NOW gives your file the current date.

Edit: To be correct, NOW has of course to be defined. For example: NOW=$(date +"%d-%d-%m-%Y")