Availability and Status report - Missing data

(tom) #1

Hi there,

today I got informed that one of our Business Process Report is not complete. The report has only data from mid of September but it was scheduled for the whole last month. If I change the timerange to a date earlier than 11th September, the report is always empty. 11th September was the date when the last data was shown on the report.

This behaviour is only with this report. All other Business Reports are working fine.

My question is now, is there any limitation configured that is reached with this report? Just for your information, the Business Process have a lot of services inculded. It is the biggest Business Process I currently have. Could that be a problem?
Another information. I do not change the Business Process the last month. So there should be all data available but it isn’t.

Any idea where I can find the problem, why the data is missing?

Many thanks.

After a littel research I found out that the report was generated by the information from the naemon log files. These files are present and available for the thruk process. Could it be that due to the fact that I have 87 service checks into the business process, that this amount is to high and the generation of the report run into a memory limit?

(Sven Nierlein) #2

If you would run into any limit, then you would get no report at all. There are memory and object limits, but they would cancel the complete report. You could run the report in debug mode and see if there is any data. (append ?debug=1 to the reports page and there should be a new button next to each report)

Are there logs available for this timerange?

(tom) #3

Hi Sven,

yes the logs are available. I checked /var/log/naemon/archives and there are logs from 20160831 until now.
If I search for example the logfile from 20180904 I can find entries of the business process.

The strange thing is, that this problem is not only with the reporting tool. It is the same for trends and availability reports. So I would say it is not and issue from the report2 plugin.

Do you know how the trends and availability statistics will be generated? Is there a way to debug it? For the moment I couldn’t find any information how to debug this part.

(Sven Nierlein) #4

Trends, Availability and Reports all use the same modules and librarys. So its not surprising that they show the same results.
I posted ealier how to debug a report, have you tried that?

(tom) #5

Yes I append ?debug=1 through Trends, Availablility and BP Report, but I couldn’t find any further information.
But in the meantime, I noticed that if I restart/reload the naemon core because of configuration changes in hosts / services / etc. the reports of trends, availability and bp are all empty. Except the reports over the last couple of days.
If I like to see a trend over the last 4 weeks, the output is empty. Could it be an issue by naemon core?
YFI, I currently use the version 1.0.6

dpkg -l | grep naemon
ii  libnaemon                           1.0.6                                      amd64        Library for Naemon - common data files
ii  naemon                              1.0.6                                      amd64        A host/service/network monitoring and management system
ii  naemon-core                         1.0.6                                      amd64        contains the Naemon core
ii  naemon-livestatus                   1.0.6                                      amd64        contains the Naemon livestatus eventbroker module
ii  naemon-thruk                        1.0.6                                      amd64        Thruk is a web gui for Naemon
ii  naemon-tools                        1.0.6                                      amd64        contains tools for the Naemon core
(Sven Nierlein) #6

I’d try to update first and then have a look if the issue is still there.

(tom) #7

As you can see in my other post, I upgraded the environment this morning. I will check in the next days if the problem still occurs or if it was fixed by upgrading the system. I will keep you in touch if there is anything changed.