Automation for Windows?


Hi all,

which one of them: Puppet, Ansible, Chef or Cfengine is the “best” for Windows ?
Does all of them need an client installation? I want avoid this if its possible!

thanks in advance

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I don’t know what’s best (or if there is a best) but:
Ansible does not need an agent, but a little bit of preparation:

Puppet needs an agent as far as I know.


thank you so much @anon9062050, Ill check that link :slight_smile:


You’'re welcome.
Just tested this successfully a few days ago, too.

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(Geras Draugas) #5

Best of best automation for Windows is powershell.

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thanks for your message @draugas, did you recommend any books about automation in powershell ?

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@Neeloj What is the problem you are trying to solve?


If somebody is limited to Windows clients that may be true. Otherwise it seems wise to choose a tool supporting multiple platforms instead of using different tools for different platforms.

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so as you said its really simple with ansible :slight_smile:.
I have now only one issue which is, I cant create backup of the directory on windows side.

So I copy a directory from Linux to WIndows it works as you said its easy :slight_smile:
But there is no attribute for backup for the win_copy like normal copy on linux side,
do you have maybe any idea ?


you are right @Wolfgang

(Geras Draugas) #11

I don’t understand what you want backup in windows side? Desktop?
Where are you storing backup?


as you can see here: win_copy doesnt have backup parameter like linux copy

is there a way to use this parameter or any workaround with win_copy ?

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oh, I’m not using ansible on windows.

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anyway thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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I prefer Puppet and agent based management, although this can be tricky with Windows environments where (group) policies forbid to install and run specific services with root permissions. I’ve also seen setups where the Windows environments are managed by the Windows admin team and built-in tools, while the rest runs with Puppet.

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thanks for your comment @dnsmichi
they are good & new informations for me…

Ill test puppet too soon :slight_smile: