Automation for single server in host template

Hi Team,
Adding all DB Servers in a mysql HostTemplate.

when a server is added in the host template all single services are deployed automatically - all single service has been deployed on the host-template.
The instance name of the Mysql server is different in every server – in the service need go to Override (director) and make the changes for the specific server

is there any automation process for the same?
Thannks in advance

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Hi! Why don’t you want to use a service set with all your services in it?

Then you can set up a MySQL instance name field in your host template, and then add this to the server set apply rule (i.e. all hosts where this field is not empty, or something like that).

Whenever you then import this host template to a host, set the field and store/deploy it, then the service set services will automatically be associated with this new host.

Hi Kai,

Thanks for the reply.
Let me rephrase the question.

Suppose 20 single services are added to a single template and applied to all new servers that are added. However this automation as of today cannot be overridden and what we are looking for is an override option for servers for which we don’t want all the services to be running or to the servers wherein I have to pass some other information like a username and password or anything else.
i already got this override option inside the hosts , but what i want to know is how to automate the override option using director , i have imported a data source now in sync rule i want to automate the override , also how to map this sync property rule with override option with data source

Hi Team

Any update regarding the same ?

I want to get an override option inside the sync property rule > destination field > special properties

sync property rule dest filed

is there any option to add this override inside this sync property rule?