API - unable to use process_service_check_result

(BenoitP) #1


I’m trying to use the API to submit results to a services, but without success :

$ curl -k -d “plugin_state=0” -d “plugin_output=‘OK- Everything Looks Great\n’” -d “performance_data=” http://thrukadmin:thrukadmin@MyHost/thruk/r/services/dirv-monitoring-centreon-01/service_passif/cmd/process_service_check_result

“code” : 404,
“description” : “there is no command for type service”,
“failed” : true,
“message” : “no such command”

Any hint ?
I’m using : thruk-2.23-20180817.x86_64


(Sven Nierlein) #2

I fixed it, should be fine with tomorrows daily. Please note that this API is work in progress right now.

Thanks for reporting this issue, but consider reporting issues on github next time. Thats where the issue tracker is.

(BenoitP) #3


I was not sure if it was a bug or something i didn’t understood.

Thank you.