Anyone monitoring Cisco UCS CIMC?


(lonelyadmin) #1

If so, how are you doing it? Most of my experience is with iLo/iDrac, and there were already plugins for that. I found a few UCS specific checks but they are deprecated.

Specifically, this is for C220 M4 servers.


(Carsten Köbke) #2

Did you try check_ipmi ? i used it a lot to monitor the hardware from ibm/cisco/hp…


after cisco announced redfish api support for the c-server I wanted write a plugin for it but the redfish api is horrible slow. getting one value for instance the serial number takes about ~20 sec. iterating through the stuff would take even more…
ssh output is unparseable
so the only thing (besides snmp which I want to avoid) is the xml api. their imcsdk is also unbelievable slow, authentication takes ~20sec, at least for ruby.

I will make the http auth withouth the sdk and check if this is also slow

(lonelyadmin) #4

I’ll give that check_ipmi a shot. I’ll update this thread with the results.

Frustrating to say the least.

(Claudio Kuenzler) #5

I’m monitoring around two douzens of UCS servers. It depends what OS you have installed on them. In our case we have VMware’s ESXi running so I’m using check_esxi_hardware as hardware check plugin.