Any kind of reporting no longer working

(Izghitu) #1


I am using latest thruk on CentOS 6 installed via rpm packages as described by the official docs.

All was fine with reports from the beginning but suddenly they stopped working and I am getting this:
[2019/02/03 13:26:26][HIDDEN HOSTNAME][ERROR] ERROR: perl eval failed:no such host:
$VAR1 = [
‘name’ => ‘’
[2019/02/03 13:26:26][HIDDEN HOSTNAME][ERROR] ***************************
[2019/02/03 13:26:26][HIDDEN HOSTNAME][ERROR] Background Job Failed
[2019/02/03 13:26:26][HIDDEN HOSTNAME][ERROR] on page: http://HIDDEN HOSTNAME/thruk/cgi-bin/job.cgi?job=f13cd
[2019/02/03 13:26:26][HIDDEN HOSTNAME][ERROR] User: ADMINUSER

Any reason for this to happen? Where do I look at? Perhaps some config settings that I added which broke the reporting?

(Sven Nierlein) #2

seems like you are running a report for a nonexisting host.

(Izghitu) #3

All the hosts appear just fine when I list them from Hosts or Host groups on the left. The problem is when I click a particular host it says that it does not exist. The same goes with reporting, I can see the host list in the drop down menu but when I select one and click to create the report it says the host does not exist.

Any configuration settings that can cause this?

(Izghitu) #4

More details. Please see below:
Listing all Host groups:

Clicking on one of the host groups, it displays the host with all its service checks:

And finally clicking the host shows this:

Both apache and nagios are running as same user account.

(Izghitu) #5

I was able to find a fix for this. I downgraded mk_livestatus from 1.5 to 1.2 and that made it work.


(Jean-Malo Beaujour) #6

It works with THRUK 2.30-2, NAGIOS 4.4.3, MK-LIVESTATUS 1.4.0.p37 on REDHAT 7.6
We downgrade from livestatus 1.5 to 1.4

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