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Hi all

when I want use plugins-ouput <<< blahblah >>> in OMD Area the word between Angled brackets sign will be deleted.

I have to create a SPACE between < and blahblah.

But when I use this <<>> it will be deleted from the textarea.
As you can see << >> is actually <<< blahblah >>> without SPACE.

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Plugin output should most probably be formatted as “code” (’</>’ in the top line):

<<text in angled brackets>> < > << blah >> <<blah>> < blah > <blah>

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(Michael Friedrich) #3

Markdown is a descriptive language, wheras angle brackets would mark HTML tags.

If you cannot enclose such with backticks as code, you need to use the HTML encoded characters.


becomes less than



becomes greater than


Actually, this also is the way Wordpress requires you to encode these values in the HTML editor.

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<<<Thank you so much>>> it works :slight_smile: