Analyze Configuration - Apache number of processes

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Today I found the item Analyze Configuration in my WATO.
Here I was directly confronted with some warnings, some are self-explaining, others not really.

My question: What do I have to consider when analyzing “Apache number of processes”? How did you adjust your configuration so that the RAM on the check_mk systems does not overflow? Do you give your machines a fixed amount of RAM or do you minimize the number of Apache processes and if so to how much?

Currently every check_mk system has 4 GB RAM.
The slave in my local network has to monitor about max. 300 Hosts.
The slaves of my customer sites have to monitor about max. 100 Hosts (depends on the size of the customer).

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I think there is no thumb rule for that because it depends on How many users access your site and by doing so, create more Apache processes and therefor consumption of RAM increases.

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